Monday, April 20, 2015

Galactic Diary Day 3

I'm pleased to say working on a Gubber Lair yesterday has allowed me to use the game interface and the combat interface effectively so I can now conquer Scouting and Marksman Skills.

I was missing the combat skill queue display over on the right because my mind is a mysterious thing and duh.

I'm only getting a single unit of hide from these Gubbers, but I'm getting the Scout XP I need. 
Bigger creatures=more hide, check. 

I used traps on these guys. It made such a difference.  I have a camp ready if my health gets dodgy.  I should buy some Stimpacks.

If I can get my spouse to pick up Scout for awhile, I wonder if he can pick a different resource from the same dead animal.  That would be most excellent. I just don't remember how it all works.

 I asked him yesterday if he wanted to pick up either medic or musician temporarily so we could heal in the camps. getting extra camp xp, Im hoping.  He sort of grunted non-committally. Ya never know what will work.

While I was working a Gubber, a guy on a Speeder stopped by and asked how long I had been playing.  I tried answering him between shots, very tricky but a testament to how far I've come along, right?

He said as he sped away that he was thinking of starting a Player Association, and I could join if interested.  I'm open to joining a Neutral or Rebel Guild, but this is the only game where it is in my very bones to not join the Empire, the Imperials, the BAD GUYS.  Our guy was an active Imp, so I sent a tell saying "You appear to be an Imp" and did not hear back.

I had a conversation via tells with the amazing Ysharros!  I am so shy before you get to know me, that perhaps I came off as...not sure...   Still, she is a hoot, and very generous of her time and knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge, I loved that people in Coronet were asking for skill training.  It is 100 credits to learn a skill tree, then 1000 credits for the first level which can be a bit much for a new person.  Likely the price goes up with each skill box level .  The mentoring system is such a good thing. It not only saves the player credits, but it gives you a person you can ask questions about the skill tree.  Invaluable.

As I'm thinking of what characters to place in the game (one every 24 hours up to ten! on the same server!), I'm remembering that my "Engineer" was completely NGE, and my "Ranger" was Combat Upgrade so, the skills they had very likely aren't the same at all as I recall.  This is a good thing, adding to the absolute thrill of returning to an old/new game.

So far I have my Scout/Ranger wannabe and a Tailor/Image Designer wannabe.  Oddly I'm thinking Smuggler next.  I am able so far to use my old character names, and it is like bringing them back from you know where.  They live and adventure once more!

I encourage anyone who has the original disks and the desire to have unparalled adventure to head on over to      Register, and prepare for the very best world ever created.

See you in game, Atheren


  1. Eeeeee I will be your instant first customer for Tailor/Image Designer!! I was going to take Ekkie in the same direction the original Ekki went (Tailor/Chef, do not ask why, there was no reason other than ooo cool food and clothes!), but I've since changed my mind -- I'm just not sure to what. Ek 2.0 will be a Chef again but probably not Tailor even if I don't know what else she will be...

    You didn't seem shy, just busy Gubburing :-D
    I, on the other hand, am probably DOUBLE-BIG CAPS OVERWHELMINGLY CHATTY because I'm just so happy to be back in SWG with old friends, new friends and potential friends.

    Also, if the Imperial was called Irekk, he's a very nice chap but oh-so-keen on recruiting for a new PA/Town. I've been non-committal because a) other friends and b) *spit* Imperials! *spit*

  2. Lost Connection last night playing my new Wookiee Architect and couldn't log back in :(
    Hopefully it will work today. My ID Gaela Stardust can only do hair at this time but she's available anytime for stylin'!
    Let me know when your foods are available, I'm craving Veghash big time!
    The Imp's name started with an S. Do you remember how servers had such distinct personalities and it seemed you could know everyone by reputation at least? With the population of this one, that should happen really quickly.
    I was also thinking this morning of how many games force you to group, but in Galaxies, it is so much fun to be out in the wilds with others where chaos often ensues.


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