Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Everquest 2: Goodbye Darklight, I Hope

The highest level character I ever had in this game was a level 32 Templar.  She's gone to The ALT Graveyard, of course. 

My Wizard just needs to complete the Quests in Darklight Wood.  I'm at 19 and a half.  I have just two quests in my log.  One is to get eight of something in the Spider Tunnels.  I actually peeked in the entrance one day and it seemed crammed full of spiders.  These are so aggressive, and and they appear to uncannily teleport which makes me think I should save that for the very last quest in the area.

The other quest is to get something from level 20 Briarstone Ancients.  I managed to kill one somehow one evening.  My other tries have resulted in me reviving at the Wanderlust Fair.

I was a bit discouraged after my last ignominious defeat, and went through the nearby tunnel to see what Nektulos Forest looks like.

Apparently Nektulos Forest is even darker than Darklight Woods.  The enemies were this guy at level 26 and two baddies in a camp at level 20 and 21.

I'm in the position of having completed what I can do successfully in my current area and it really isn't going to work out for my Wizard to move onwards.

There is another area to the side of the current map called The Common Lands.  It was levels 10-20, I think, so perhaps I should go over there to see if I can gain the rest of my level.  Then I shall laugh, hahahaha at the spiders and Ancients.

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