Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wandering the Worlds

World of Warcraft

I played my Atherne character for a bit this evening.  I spent most of the time looking for those Shadowmoon Treasures.  Only a Satchel was hard to get to.  For as many as I've found I might still have ten more.  The place is packed.

I couldn't use a single thing, but got good gold in exchange for them.  I'm wondering if I can remember these locations, I can just send my other characters to find them without the treasure map and it might be things they can use.


My Cleric is still in Moonshade Highlands.  She's level 37 so it's right on level for her, plus I need the resources here for potions.   There were some tantalizing Rifts in the area but I stayed on target with my quests. 

Sent her to snooze in The Breach Chamber, which is a lovely place.  It occurred to me I haven't randomly looted anything for my house in a long while.  I hope they didn't take that sort of thing out of the loot tables.


Played my Wizard for a bit. Neriak is really a confusing city for me but I made progress.  The game was laggy for the first time that I recall, ever. 

I had some mail that I should take a message in a bottle to my home and open it. Had a devil of a time finding my house again.  Once there, I had no bottle.  Ran back to the mailbox to see if I missed it but no.  Went home again and was booted to the character screen, then could not get back in game. 

Adventures of all kinds everywhere.

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