Friday, February 27, 2015

The Secret World: Get Along, Little Doggie

I like the game so far.  It is very bizarre, but in a good way.  A rare game set in modern times it has a semi-apocalyptic feel. 

I had trouble choosing a faction but with three character slots you can try them all.  I went with Templar though they seemed a touch overzealous in their fight to keep order.  You never know with those types.

I liked the semi-automatic weapon but went with Elemental Magic.   The Pistols looked fun too. 

There seemed to be an unusual number of mohawks at character creation.   The "long hair" styles were all above should length.  Hmmpf.

My character is always in this apelike stance. I suppose she's ready for combat, but it is odd.  She runs like a monkey too.

I haven't played anything with so many cut scenes in ages.  Just one after another.

I've made my way to Kingsmouth and ol' cowboy Jack Boone needs help with some zombies around his camp area. 

They come in groups of three to six.  As far as I can tell you can't pull one aside to talk to him, nope you get a group.  A really large group when you're asked to hop on a car hood and jump around to bring some of the zombies over.  Boy do they come running.  Next up, I'm supposed to lure the zombies into some fires to see (wink) if that kills them.

I'm doing fine with elemental magic so as long as I keep shooting and backing away from the herd.  Knock on wood I haven't died yet.
A good addition to my games list.

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