Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lord of the Rings Online & Steam

Yay!  I had success using Steam to download LOTRO and there I was, floating through Middle Earth once more.

I really liked the horse mount I have.  Really nicely animated.  He has a name I chose myself, not some bizarre randomly generated name.

The music remains some of the best in game music anywhere. 

My time was spent completing a couple of quests to get a feel for the interface and combat again.   I cleared anything older than the area I'm in from my quest log, and dumped any group quests I found.  It appears you can have 43 quests in your log which is very generous, very nice.

I'm having trouble locating the creatures I need to kill for a task.  I wonder if I should cancel that and see if the quest NPC offers it again or if he offers a new one.   I'd hate to think the drop rate is so exceedingly low that I just didn't get the item I needed because of that sort of issue. and I haven't another way that I see to verify I'm killing the right creatures.

Frick.  I forgot to pick up my loot from the handy dandy loot bag that gathers your stuff but doesn't stuff your inventory. Eek.

Note:   Aha, it turns out the quest items were in my loot bag.  I need to pay attention to what I loot in the chat window so I can see if I'm on the right track and in the right place.


  1. Yeah, auto-loot takes some getting used to. Also I'm pretty sure if you hover over a mob thesedays it'll show in smaller text under its name if it's relevant to a specific quest in your log...

    1. I looked for the mouse over, but didn't see it. Normally it is really nice not to be stopped cold with an ever full inventory, but if you're not used to how the auto loot works, it's like what? Where's my stuff. There is something satisfying about seeing what you're getting as you get it.
      As long as I have you I missing something or is it hard to see where your next quest location is on your map? I seem to recall debate about that way back, blah blah don't lead people by the hand, let them find things. Is that the case?


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