Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Galaxies (Tuesday) :Keeping Your City Accounts Flowing

One of the very best features in Star Wars Galaxies for me was the ability of players to come together not just as a guild, but as a City.

I was mayor of a medium sized city for a few months, and that made me appreciate what it took to maintain a city even more.  One thing that stood out for me was, I had no idea how expensive it was to run a city.  The costs of statues, gardens, a shuttle, a cloning facility, repair garage, city hall, mission terminals...Carumba.  I wondered why the mayors before me never let anyone know how much they were paying out of pocket to keep things going.  Two became Armorsmiths specifically to make the money to pay the bills.  I made enough with my tailoring business, but yow.

Here, from "Gorja and K'vera Tirius (Talus, Eclipse server),"  a tool to help the struggling politician.

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