Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Draenor Notes

I'm sending four characters through Draenor.  As usual I'm slinking ahead with my druid.

I'm trying to get every quest and objective in each area.  I'm killing the rares as I see them. 

Must make time to do more fishing. Foods and Potions require them and although I don't mind stopping occasionally at an appealing pool, I'm finding it hard just to fish when there are so many other things to do.

My Frost Mage is improving survivability wise.  I still despise the loss of Evocation and Arcane Blast (?).  I used that on multiples all the time.

My Warlock waltzes through the world and she even did my first live game dungeon.  Everyone's favorite Bloodmaul Slag Mines.  It may be the first time I was in a group who did it start to finish.  I finally gave up on beta dungeons because of groups breaking up or problems with disconnects and realm restarts.  Bah nightmarish.

My Paladin is holding her own despite her still puny item levels.

I'm really just playing Blackwater, but I couldn't help but slink over to my other server and send those three characters through the jungle and settle them down in a garrison.

The garrisons are endlessly entertaining.  I hadn't upgraded my mine in beta because I didn't need the materials. Now that my Blacksmith is there, I can send her endless stuff.  I love the Archaeology fragments you pick up in there too.   I'm getting to try all of the buildings thanks to my alts.  Unfortunately my Leatherworkers are Rogues, so that is going to take awhile to get those over.

Somehow I'm going to get my archaeology skills up before hitting the Spires of Arak area.

I have found that the starter areas are just deserted and I'm rarely seeing other people in them.  Sometimes you just like to have other people around sharing the experience but nooo.  I finally noticed I was only seeing Blackwater Raiders people in the intro.  Once out in Shadowmoon, the joint is bursting with Shadow Council peeps.  Well, not bursting, by they seem to be the most numerous.

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