Monday, November 17, 2014

Draenor Notes

I am so pleased to see so many positive reviews of Warlords of Draenor.  I really felt that once people were in and playing, they would really enjoy this expansion.  That is how it went for me, and how I saw it going each time a new wave of beta invites went out.  People were taken by surprise, in a pleasant way almost invariably.

 That said, I find my main character at what I think of as the dread Darkness Falls quest.  This Shadowmoon Valley quest was bugged for much of the test period.  I finally got a single character through it and she was tossed into a painful scenario that opens with a gold elite fire belching *%#&@  who I could not beat for anything.  Even worse, any time that character got anywhere near Karabor, she got tossed into the freak scenario with Bobby Buttkicker.  Dang.   Call me a weenie.  I'm doing what I did later in the beta and I'm leveling up a bit before I go in there.  Then I kick the belching butt.  Yo.

I got my Blacksmith/Paladin to level 90 and eagerly sent her over to Draenor.  She didn’t get the Timeless Isle gear boosts or anything and she is just Ilevel 415, the lowest I’ve sent to Draenor yet.    She can handle one on one fights with 90s but if she gets a group of podlings or other nuisance things in addition to a regular mob, I dunno.

My Death Knight/Gathering character still has two Pandaria levels to go.  We shall see.  I could really use her gathering skills big time.

My spouse has entered the Draenor building. Nobody gathers things like he does. I think he’ll find Draenor a challenge, which he likes.  Dying while gathering is fine sport for him.  (Hugs, spousal unit.)

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