Friday, November 14, 2014

And We're Off!

I haven't been able to play much (nor has anyone else) but I must say it is really great to send my characters back to Draenor and to know this is the real thing and I get to keep all of my stuff.

Not that we're competitive, but my son is, I think, trying to forge ahead and beat me to 100.

Not a problem. I'd like to just enjoy the world this time around.

All of the server downtime is unfortunate in many ways.  I think from reading Trade and other chat that people are really liking the game.  This will only increase as they float through the world.  

Garrisons seem to be pleasantly surprising people.  I personally thought they sounded stupid on paper, but as soon as I stepped into my Outpost, and it was bustling with activity, and I, along with my fellow travelers were getting ready to go explore the new world...they had me.

Here's hoping problems are solved quickly so we can all go adventuring.

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