Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your Agent In Place: Strawfigure

Here is my PVE 100 Test ranged character.  My real Warlock and Frost Mage were already pummeled by run of the mill Draenor content so I sure didn't want to send in those classes.  My live Shadow Priest is a few boxes from 70 and I think she has a good possibility for survivability in the Draenor dungeons. 

One comment I've heard from Priests is that they're supposed to be using Mass Dispel against some of the bosses.  I've got that.

The first dungeon you can get in is Bloodmaul Slag Mines so I'm sending her there first.  I tried queuing for a bit this morning but hadn't time to wait the what, 45 minutes or so to get in at this time.

With your leveling world character you always have lots to do while in a queue but on this 100 Realm, you're kind of given everything and testing the higher level content is what you do.

I wonder. The population on this realm is low anyway, so queues would be long.  If I knew people here, I'd just go with those people in pre-made groups rather than PUG it anytime. So maybe this test won't work for that reason hmmm.

Wish her luck.   I wanted to call her Sockpuppet but that was taken :(

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