Monday, September 8, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Beta Report No. 505

There comes a time in betas where you decide if you're going to play the game long term or not.  You've been through the world a few times, you have a feel for how combat, loot, crafting will be handled. 

In the case of Warlords of Draenor, I am definitely going to play, and I'm at the point where I wish it would just go live so I could happily work my way through the world and have it stick, and so I can keep my Garrison Sweet Garrison.

There are some things that bug me and that I hope to see changed:

I'd like them to do a character wipe because all of my copied characters are stuck in a time warp where crafting aspects don't work for them in one way or another.  If they don't do one this week, I'll delete them and start them over to try out where crafting actually is.

I enjoy my Followers and am attached to many of them (Fiona!  Shelly!  Bruma!) who always seem to come through for me.  I despise the new notes that say you'll be limited to 20 Active followers and can't for the life of me see any reason for it.  If you want to reactivate, you need to pay 250 gold. What?  You steal my babies then you ransom them back?  If you do have to deactivate some you'd better have the choice of who is active.  (shakes fist).

Archaelogy has a few new puzzles and found treasures in Warlords and the whole system should be that way.  It should be about adventure and discovery and history storylines you may not get a look at in the game world if you don't do archaeology not some horrible blinking red light game which makes me want to screeeaaaamm.

Sumptous Fur is now used for so many things and suddenly it drops hardly at all.  I sent a character through two whole zones killing everything and got 25 Sumptuous Fur.  Hello?  It would be ok with me if a character who has Skinning was able to get more, that would make sense but I don't see that that is what is going on.

It looks like access to the Herb Garden has dropped to level 96 from 98.  It would be ok if a non-herbalist got access at some higher level, but it is a craft I picked for a particular character to go with another skill (alchemy) and I have Herbalism 600 Zen Master, fork over the Herb Garden right off.

GTFO the Scenarios at the end of long quest lines.  Man they are painful and unpleasant and my characters who function perfectly well though the rest of the game world just get beaten and trounced.

Speaking of scenarios, I want to boot the NPC who has the stoopid Garrison Invasion Quest out of my Garrison because he just stands by my town hall with his pointy exclamation point demanding attention.  At least let me move him into the outhouse so he is out of the way.  The scummie.

Off I go!

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