Sunday, September 21, 2014

Things To Do In Your Garrison

I'm seeing comments now and then about people "spending all day alone in their garrison".   This has Basement Mouth Breather written all over it, right?   Scummy low people HIDING FROM OTHERS in a multi-player game. Gasp!  So icky!

You really wouldn't spend all your time there unless you are the sort who sits around Stormwind and never plays, but you're just snacking and chatting.  There do seem to be a few of those in the live game.

Here in a nutshell are the things you'd drop into your Garrison for:

Pick up quests
Turn in and pick up work orders
Fly to other locations
Mine Ores
Pick Herbs
Use Bank
Start and complete Follower Missions
Start a Garrison invasion
Mail items
Upgrade Garrison buildings
Get Daily Fishing Quests
Snooze safely in front of your fireplace


  1. So, question, because while I'm still subbed to WoW, I haven't followed any of the expansion stuff at all (and haven't logged in in about 4 months :P) -- can other people visit you in your garrison, or is it like the Pandaria farms?

  2. Oh and also, we are WoW-clones of each other. ;)

  3. You can have others visit your Garrison. You just need to be in a group, and everyone can visit the group leader's Garrison. I like this because they have built no Guild options in yet, but you could have a Guild Meeting in your Town Hall. There are plenty of seats for everyone, particularly in the level 3 Garrison.


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