Monday, September 15, 2014

If You're Always The First To Die...

Let's just say it, if you're always the first in a dungeon to die, you're doing something wrong.

On live, I'm rarely the first one down no matter which class I'm playing.  In Draenor dungeons, I find my view of the world to pretty on level with the ground.  My Death Knight fares better but my Druid...ouch.

Before I get all whiny and say I reek, I need to send in Sock Puppet Level 100 characters of more classes to see if the problem is largely because I'm melee and can't get away from stuff fast enough.

I'll report back.   If all classes are utter failures for me I'll simply post a sucker here with no commentary.   If I can do the ranged classes and last longer in the dungeons you'll see Underdog.   Keep checking back, lol.

Here is a shot from The Iron Docks, a really cool huge outdoor dungeon.  I can't get over what a good job they've done with making the scale of everything seem so huge.

Note: Also doing my homework on these.  I really liked this guys guide on MMO Champion.  It is much more practical and describes each fight and the mechanics for Skyreach.

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