Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Galaxies Tuesday

One of my favorite things in Galaxies was being able to run a shop.  I usually had my shops in my homes, but when I was part of a city I would use a vendor tent.    It was a nice way to draw people to the city, and convenient for anyone popping off the shuttle to easily get to shops.  I can't think of another game I've been in where one of the things you could do was to go shopping.

It was always better to have your own tent to decorate and make fun vendors and you could dress them to show off your wares. 

I usually had a Tailoring business.  In two cases I shared a tent with another Tailor which was awkward competition wise.  With one, the other Tailor could make BE additions to clothing and I could not so I had to depend on variety, and colors and interesting item names.  In the case of the other Tailor, she was so odd anyway, but she only made things with the max number of sockets and every single thing was orange.   365 colors to choose from and everything was a single shade of orange.

Gunman's Duster Pallete
Some Cool Person's Droid Shop
Some Cool Person's Droid Shop Entrance Area

My Galaxies Architect had her office in the lower level of her Large Corellian House.  I tried to feature all of the furniture I could make throughout the house.

After the NGE there was a big problem (though pooh poohed by devs) with Lairs spawning in your doorways.  Crafters could not fight, so they could not clear a lair from their own home.  This made business a bit challenging to say the least.


  1. Oh man, so homesick for SWG... :(

    1. I know! There's never been anything like it. So glad to see you back on your blog!


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