Saturday, August 2, 2014

World of Warcraft: Draenor the Dream World

I am so immersed in the Warlords of Draenor world.

I keep thinking that I should write something up about how immersive the world is, and how enjoyable the storylines are and how each new area is a revelation and a pleasure to explore.

Then I think, hmm I should just sneak back in and play a bit more instead.

I've been trying to think how I have come from not being sure I'd like the expansion to being a bit fiendish about getting in there and playing just a bit more.

The Commander

Games always talk about making you the hero, and how they want to make you feel as though every npc in the game adores you or hates you because of your deeds.  Except for a bit in Cataclysm, I haven't felt that way in World of Warcraft. 

Here, you are immediately part of a group of awesome heroes (Khadgar, how I do worship him...hehehe).   You make your mark early and are called Commander at your Garrison and elsewhere.  Everyone is looking to you to solve the problems of the land.

As you move through the world you have the choice to command troops of followers and be a PVP oriented person, and I imagine being called Commander in that scenario of things really feels different than if you take the PVE path (as I always do).

It does feel as if you really make a difference in the world.

The Garrison

Wow, I say.  I thought these sounded pretty stupid and uninteresting, before I got one.  Even the base level Outpost gives you your own place in the world. 

I have often thought that in World of Warcraft the closest thing to a home you can have in the game is your personal bank.  Your only spot in the world that is just yours.

Now you have your own little Outpost, Fort or Stronghold (I've just gotten to level 3 Garrison so far).
The NPCs you win as Followers throughout your questing stroll around here or sit and knock back a few cool ones.

You have a mailbox, repairs.  A Fishing Trainer, an Herb Garden, a Lumber Mill, an Alchemy Lab, access to your personal bank.  There are other buildings and choices galore.

You can invite people to your Garrison.

With my small family guild I picture us having a guild meeting sitting around the table in my Stronghold level City Hall:

I think they did such a wonderful job with the interiors of buildings, and this is an example for me, of how things are actually beautiful and cozy. 

I feel like I finally have a home in this world of many adventures.

I come back here often to send my Followers out on new Missions.  I can find seeds now when I pick up plants that can be grown in my Herb Garden.   I scramble to grab trees for my Lumber Mill while I'm out in the world.  I'm working on getting fish to curry favor with my Fishing Trainer guy.

The boring world of just grinding xp and gathering to grind out materials is incredibly enhanced.  There are treasures everywhere (including these little glowing purple treasures in unexpected places which can be just about anything.)

I'm three levels from max with my character but there is still so much to do and to explore.  I want all my characters to have a Garrison and their own place in the world.

The possibilities seem endless here in Draenor.

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