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Draenor Journal: Ye Feral Druid Alchemist

I take notes but they are a bit scattered and hard to read.  This should help me sort things out:

Feral Druid Level 98 currently beginning Nagrand quests.  Has a few quests left in other areas but since there was a character wipe so soon after I originally started beta, I don't have a feel for how long I have to work on the character and world, so have started to push through what I can to see and do as much as possible before a possible poof.  Have a few quests undone in other areas but if not poofed will back track to complete them. Plan A.

She has Alchemy and Herbalism

Stronghold (Level 3 Garrison, apparently the highest level available though my architect's table shows a pulsing Level Up! button)

I found out yesterday you can replace a building in your garrison by buying the plans from Sparz Boltwist near your architect table, then you learn it and slide the new over the old on your Garrison map.

So I got rid of the Barracks and put a Stable in its place.  Now the annoying Boltwist won't open his little store and sell me anything, bah.


For this character, these are the buildings I find useful:

Town Hall (Doh)  

Blueprint seller, Command Table, Architect Table, Innkeeper, and a pvp mission table that doesn't seem to do anything for me though I went in and picked a mission, so I thought.

There may be no real home in my Garrison, but inside the Town Hall I send my little character off to sleep.

War Planning Map: Strategic Options?  Nothing happens that I can discern when I choose one.

Alchemy Lab

This Build it will not complete the quest Your First Alchemy Order.  I put in the materials and can pick up the order no problems, but the quest doesn't recognize it at all. I've tried dropping the quest and picking it up again to no avail.  In the first build it worked like a charm.  I can't understand why it would work then not work unless it is intended, and they're reworking the Garrison quest/crafting process altogether, and they just aren't saying so.  This is my first beta with Wow and I don't have a feel for how they do things, how they think, how they operate.

You can purchase recipes here but you need Black Rock Ore for Work Orders and it has a low spawn rate in the world, plus my Mine isn't working so I don't get a trickle from that either....zzzzz.   Another reagent is Crescent Oil, apparently from filleting a fish that I haven't found yet and people on the forums are saying they have the fish but filleting a zillion of them gets not a drop of the oil.   I have to suspect another "working as intended" circumstance.

I keep my Guild Bank on Live stocked with all levels of Health Potions, so I brought a bunch along with me before I Copied the character.  They are running low as is my Alchemist's Rejuvenation Potion. Additionally, at level 98 they don't help heal a whole lot.  Either the Crescent Oil needs to be makeable by me soon or I dreadfully have to go back to Pandaria to gather Green Tea Leaves to make more of the not so useful but better than death Master Healing Potion.

Herb Garden

This provides a selection of herbs from all over Draenor once perday.  You can get more herbs via a work order with Olly Nimkip which requires at this time 25 Seeds.  These drop alongside herbs once you are working your Herb Garden if you have herbalism.  A leveled (same level as you) Disturbed Podling sometimes pops up as you gather your herbs.  Annoying but he will usually have an additional 10-12 herbs on his little Podling body.


This gives you access to your personal bank at Level 1.  In the beta, you have no access to your guild bank because "you're not in a guild".   There are a few guilds recruiting in beta but they all seemed a bit hinky to me, even the one I briefly joined.  I like my real guild and love my peeps.  :)

Nevertheless, Level 2 gives you Guild Bank access.

Level 3 gives an Ethereal Trader for Void Storage and Transmog ((I've never done anything with either of them) and for the Bozo About Town such as myself, increases active work orders in all building to 2.

Lunarfall Inn

Lunarfall Inn Level 1 Outside View

Lunarfall Inn Cozy Sleeping Quarters

Lunarfall Inn Main Room with customers swigging ale, a Cook who doesn't do anything at least yet, and a Headhunter who at Level 1 will find you a new Follower once a week.

Choose your new Follower:

At Level 2 you will be able to choose Follower Traits and Abilities.

Level 3 "Unlocks the particularly lucrative Treasure Hunt Missions".   Doesn't that sound so intriguing?

Lumber Mill

Your Lumber Mill gets you Garrison Resources in blocks of 100 for every 50 Small Trees that you pick/gather/whatever out in the world.  These are all over, not just in Shadowmoon Valley, so you can grab them anytime some fiend doesn't beat you to them.    I enjoy having another thing to look for and collect while I'm out in the world, but if you are already at the level cap of 1000 Resources or don't have the ability to collect 100, at this time your materials and time are basically eaten.  The shipment isn't there so you can come back after using some of your resources elsewhere.  Grr grr.
I have not been able to advance my mill so I can pick up larger trees.  Nothing to see here.  Right now I'd frankly like to blow up my lumber mill guy.

The Mine

In theory you get a drizzle of minerals from your mine every day, but the quest to unlock use of the mine has been dead in the water since I began beta "Things are Goren Our Way."   The mine is dead empty of mobs, and you can see where they should be but no no.  If it worked, I'd be pleased to have even a trickle of ore for my Alchemy.

Mage Tower

The Mage Tower at Level 1 gives you a Portal to Battlefield Ashran (not the charming little stronghold you visit in an early quest.)  If you aren't at level 100 it currently puts you in a loop telling you aren't level elible to be here.  I kept jamming on OKAY when I could till it stopped spamming then hearthed back to my Garrison.  Sheesh.

Level 2 Ports to Talador

Level 3 Ports to Gorgrond and Nagrand.

Without doubt the Ashran one should be the last one you unlock, right?

The Mage Tower at Level 1

 Notes on other buildings

I looked at, but find not useful the Tannery which a Leatherworker can use, or your Skinning character who has materials fed to him by a Leatherworker to get extra shipments the Leatherworker can use.


At first I thought Hunters and maybe Leatherworkers alone might use this, but you can heal your Battle Pets here and it seems to display some of your mounts, so it might be nice that way.  More useful to me than the Barracks which is really useful to the PVP types.

The Forge

Processes ore into bars for Blacksmiths as a Work Order.  No smelting is done here.  If your character has Mining but not Blacksmithing you may be able to work in a way similar to the Tannery and get some materials from the Blacksmith to help produces extra materials for them.  If that is indeed how it works.  I don't have a Leatherworker or Blacksmith here in Betaland yet.

Trading Post

Sounds like your own little storefront supplier of Trade Goods but it is another PVP based building.

Salvage Yard

I thought this might be interesting but my Blueprints NPC wouldn't sell me anything so I could replace the useless to me Tannery with this to try it out.

Quests I can't complete at this time because of Missing NPCs/Items:

Garrison Support
Your First Alchemy Work Order
Things are Not Goren Our Way

Shadowmoon Valley
Darkness Falls

Spires of Arak
A Parting Favor

For all the places I've been and quests I've done, that isn't too bad.  Frustrating though!

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