Friday, August 15, 2014

Draenor Diaries Thursday August 14 2014

Draenor Diaries   August 15, 2014 

Verified that the Migrant Workers quest line gives you access to a Level 2 Garrison. 

Otherwise at this time you need to be level 93.  These things change constantly, however.

My alchemist needs Draenic Stone for her mine work orders.  I sent my Skinner/Miner out to get her own mine activated, and she of course also needs the stone.

My Dk’s Mining skills make the mine a motherlode of ore spawns, every time I go back to my garrison I see more has spawned and I can’t resist going in after it.

The non-miner who is interested in mine work orders has to have the  Draenic Stone given to them, but the miner character gets the work orders plus a bonanza of ore, which does include the Draenic Stone.  There are even “rich deposits” of ore which just makes my gathering/hoarding instincts go whacko with pleasure.


My Skinner/Miner chose the Mage Tower as a replacement for the Barracks in her garrison because once she finds the Ogre Waystones etc she can have portals around the world. 

I also picked the Lumber Mill because it gives her the ability to do logging out in the world and work orders give you garrison resources.

I picked up the Storage Building for personal bank access.

She has one small open plot, but the small plots are all profession specific and she really doesn’t have one.

Salvage, which might be useful to any character is greyed out.  If it turns out to be something useful for any character, that would be her good use of a small plot.

I’m disappointed to see the level 3 garrison is only available at Level 100 L

Having had the level 3 garrison in two prior builds, I really want it, and because there is a lot more land in your garrison map available, I wanted to see more levels of the Garrison. 

I suppose leaving that open allows them to add features in future content patches, which will be okay if that’s the plan.

These are actually notes from yesterday.  I’m going to write up my daily diary after playing each day because you how it is, I can’t find a thing in my notes…

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