Thursday, August 14, 2014

Draenor Announcement Day

I am really looking forward to today's "street date" announcement.  This lets me know how much time I have to play in the beta and  how much time I have to get my Live Server characters ready to head on in to Draenor.

Just playing in the Beta has given me a whole new view of the game and which characters are most important to keep leveled, and which are most enjoyable to play.

Oddly enough, people comparing Garrisons to Farms on Pandaria has made me actually start working on my farms and on Pandarian Cooking.

I find myself paying more attention to the fish and the game and what creature drops what that I can use in cooking.

I'm working the characters through Pandaria on Live with notebook in hand and instead of just powering through this (still!!!) most unpleasant place I'm seeing it differently.

Having been in Draenor, I want to get all of my Trade skills to 600, even the dread Archaelogy, which looks as if may be much more interesting and puzzle based in Draenor.  What a relief.

I like Fishing in all games, though I wouldn't touch it in the real world.  It seems in Draenor you can fish up all sorts of useful and interesting little treasures.  Yes!

Treasures, treasures everywhere is how Draenor seems so far.  I love it to death. :)

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