Friday, July 18, 2014

Pop Goes the Character

Clearly as we head into the weekend more rapscallions are playing and the lag and stability of play is well nigh non-existant.  But I want to play!

My "real" Druid is just less than a full box to level 91. Just please let me fill that box in.  She keeps getting popped to the load screen and is back in Stormwind argh and there is a portal there that you can take to Draenor but once you've been booted from Draenor you can't enter it again for awhile. 

As far as character with professions I wanted to have my alchemist and  an inscriptionist first off for health potions and scrolls.

All those scrolls in the guild bank aren't available to me because "you are not in a guild".  Say what?  All I have is what is in my personal bank.

Strategically for testing, I want the inter-reliance my characters have to be available to me.

Most valuable player goes to my Druid/Alchemist.  The Druid is so flexible as a character.

I want a Mage for the ability to teleport.   Created the newbie but can't play without disconnects this morning and the game was not holding onto my toolbar or glyph setups between disconnects.   

I'd like my Warlock/Inscriptionist for Scrolls but she won't copy over.

If I could just have those three.

Meanwhile I'm going to push my live characters forward so they are really ready to go.

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