Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing a Beta With Your Favorite Characters

I'm thinking this morning of all the betas I've played and how exciting it always is to explore new worlds and content. 

With an all new game, anything can happen, all is possible.  At some point however, you decide whether to keep playing in the world or not.

When you test a game you're familiar with, and say have spent 8 years in, it is very different.  You can use your own characters who you have leveled to maximum through the world, who has their professions in place, and even if changes to combat skills are made, you "get" that character.  You can adapt to the new skill set.

When you're playing with a max level character, it is something of a thrill to be able to take them out and let them explore and advance themselves in the world once more.  The process of leveling is somewhat addictive sometimes, and having that xp ceiling moved up means they are a full character once more, out on adventures.

I am having an excellent time in this new world with my favorite character.

A caravan leaves my garrison for Embaari Village

Beautiful Shadowmoon!   How I dislike Shadowmoon Valley in the Outlands as it is in the live game, but in Draenor it is a gorgeous place.

Leaving Embaari Village on my borrowed scorpion mount.  It is one smooth riding beastie.

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