Friday, July 4, 2014

Oblivion: Should I kill her off?

My Mage is getting pounded terribly at level 7.  I think I need to back up and not buy my house (though I was up till 2 in the morning one night getting the money) and use the money on spells.

Or, back her way up and re-do her as a better Mage now that I see how to play her, or be a weasly goof and make a warrior as I always do and just slice those stinker marauders with the tip of my Claymore.

I also had about five tries in a row to get a good session (presaged by the playing of the opening music) and nada, so I am discouraged.

This made me want to play Morrowind but I really really want to play it on my gaming pc not my POS laptop.  I can get rid of the Font =0 message by installing in C Program Files rather than C Program Files (x86) but the music error will not go away. I can play the files as Mp3s no problemo in the Bethesda Data Files folder but as the game comes up it's a no go.

So...Skyrim.  I think I should re-roll her for sure.  I pulled her out of the Temple she was in and sent her down the mountain to regroup.  There was a terrific snowstorm all the way down with a couple of wolf attacks. No problem killing the wolves.

But I'm walking through this field at the bottom and there are three other people casually walking along too, and I'm thinking they're farmers or townspeople walking around the place at 2 am (game time) when oops they're bandits and I'm dead pretty quick.  I will definitely start her over.

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