Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm In! Warlords of Draenor

A big wave of invites went out and my name was on one of them.  I didn't realize that I could use my live character in the beta so I made a Frost Mage to try things out.

Agh my Live Bomb is gone :(    How I do love my Live Bomb.

I ran her through the opening areas until I heard I could bring my "real" characters in.  My Druids are my 90s (I have been waffling with others and could smack myself) so I brought my favorite in.

I've been reading what others have to say about it and didn't expect to be too excited about it, but WOW I really like the area and how it plays so much.  It has a dynamic feel to it that I haven't seen in quite awhile.  It draws you in and moves you along as if the story and events have an urgency about them.  I love that.

I am now a fan of Khadgar, who I only knew before as an herb called Khadgar's Whiskers.

I'm am doing something I never do in this game, I'm reading the quest texts.  The world and its story are interesting.

It does not feel anything at all like you're in some alternate Outlands.  It feels all new.  Dark stories and deeds.

I appreciate more than I can say that multiple people who have a quest for a particular mob can just run up and start fighting it and get credit.  No waiting around for the right moment to tag it before the other guy.  So much better and everyone is happy and moves on.

I was so curious about the Garrisons, and truly could not picture it.  Mine is in Lunarfall.  It's just plunked in the middle of the forest. I imagine when others approach they see their own Garrison rather than mine.

The architecture is reminiscent of The Grizzly Hills in Northrend.   Here's the view from the outside:

Inside, there is a flightmaster, an Inkeeper, Architect Baros Alexston (who helps you build things), and "Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Beta Instance Teleportation"

It is just like a little NPC village. They're all bustling around.  Certainly none have come up to me and said they're my minion or anything.

As a tutorial sort of thing for adding to the Garrison, I "built" a barracks.  You open a map of the compound via an architect's bench and you need to place the barracks in an assigned spot.

Once it is in place here, you'll see Alex and crew putting it together and then you have voila! a cozy barracks for your potential minions (I'm guessing).   No spot for me to sleep, noooo.   Not even a bedroll on the ground outside.

I haven't gotten farther than this so I don't know the ultimate purpose of the Garrisons.  My initial impression is that it will serve as a way station for your character, and you'll be able to add features and the minions but I am not seeing it currently as player housing.

Trying to play this evening I think there are a huge number of people playing and there is alot of lag and many disconnects, and I want to play and explore and submit my incomparable Bug Reports.  Must sleep instead :)

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