Saturday, July 5, 2014

And She Lives!

My husband who for some reason likes hearing about The Hero of Kvatch tinkered with Oblivion for me today.    The title and background music is gone but the game play is stable.

Having no confidence after my failure at the last cave, I went around the lake near Imperial City working the mudcrabs to get my blade skills up a bit, since whenever I panic I just go whack whack whack.

A couple of creatures and a bandit later, I went back to my home sweet shack and practiced my alchemy.

Then off to the Gilded Carafe to sell my potions to Miss Wrinkly Nose the Proprietor  (you know how they smoosh up their faces at you between sentences when they don't like you).   A few weapons to one of the Three Brothers and over to Edgar's Discount Spells where I could now purchase a single new spell.  I tortured between Major Wound (Drain Health) and Summon Scamp. 

I do love my conjured skeleton these days and don't know if the scamp is significantly better but skellie is my pal and the wound might give me an edge.  Major Wound it is.  Now to try it out on some marauders...

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