Sunday, June 8, 2014


I "pre-ordered" Wildstar at the last possible second to get the Rocket House.  It seems to show up in one of my menus as a Piglet House????  Say what?  I cannot apparently do anything with it till level 14.  Bogus.  Little characters like a place they can call home right away.

I think my girl's hair is a darker shade of pink than I had in open beta.  Very distracting.  Apparently there is currently no "barber shop" where I can lighten it.

On the plus side the ship quests went much faster this time and I'm out in the world happily exploring every single inch of the game at my own pace.

Combat feels a bit different live.  I really need a new keyboard.  I have pounded the beezus out of my current one. (Went out and got one, np.)

If I can get my virtual act together I will post a Wildstar Wednesday update.

Ooohhhh too exciting.

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