Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Foaming Flask

I wandered the city a bit hoping a merchant or tavernkeeper might buy my loot.  I spoke with the denizens of The Foaming Flask then wandered around doing a bit more of the same.

Very clunky movement and interface tonight with a couple of freezes.  This put me IN A MOOD so when it began raining and the wind began howling I stopped by the little shack by the docks which is the first house you can buy.

Coming away from the shack I was approached by the unfortunately named First Mate Malvulis who warned me in no uncertain terms that I'd be in trouble if I went on her ship.

So, I did a most unusual thing, I ran and jumped on her ship like a yahoo and sure enough her gnarly crew followed me and made short work of me and my skellie.

A tad unfriendly.   I'll avoid them once I get my snuggly shack.  I did not save with me dead.

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