Sunday, June 8, 2014

So close to getting out of the sewers...

I'm painstakingly moving along, saving constantly.

Here I stumbled into a chair and couldn't get out.  Maybe the smell of roasting rat was too appealing.

 Froze a fair few times especially in the last dialogues with the Emperor.  Combat is practically slow motion, it could not be more unresponsive.  Rats, I say.

My character, who turned out pretty well. Usually human faces are really blotchy.

There I was, looking at the archway out of the sewers when a goblin jumped up behind me and I couldn't turn to cast a spell or swing but he was having at it, my light armor skill kept increasing.   That is rather unfair. If you're going to freeze the game, freeze the goblin too.

A gratuitous shot of my secret in game crush (besides Martin) Baurus.

On Microsoft's Windows 7 compatibility page, my edition of Oblivion is marked "compatible".   Hahahahahaha.

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