Friday, May 9, 2014

WildStar: Way Cool So Far

I'm still in the tutorial but I like the game so much so far.  It hits everything that I wanted. 

I love the science fiction environment.  It opens on a ship that is so cool. 

I chose an Aurin Spellsinger with an Explorer Path.  Then, intrepid Explorer that I am I had trouble finding the "bottom" floor for a quest.  I did look down below but it was all red and looked like a drop into space at a glance.  There are alot of mobs on the deck and they respawn fast so you can't stand around thinking hmmm.

I do like that they had quests right away for my "Path".

I love the Rockin' Rowsdowner Space Bar.  The Relic Room, where I'm currently looking to defuse a bomb is right out of an Indiana Jones game.   It has been a long time since I looked around at an in game environment and said "this is really cool".

The music in a game really affects my liking it or not, the music here is just lively from the very beginning.

I'm completely smitten so far.

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