Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WildStar a peek at the Dominion

I really didn't have a chance to play this weekend.  I like my Aurin so much and would really just like to play her until she reaches one of those invisible walls where it becomes harder, less pleasant to advance.  Every character has them, which is one reason for having multiple characters, areas, quests and play styles available to you.

You don't want to kill the character off, but you need a break.

I thought I should at least try a Dominion character.  They definitely are The Bad Guys as far as I can see.   The Mechari seemed most pleasing so I created a pretty cool looking character.

I don't suppose you can see very well the cool pokey things protruding from the sides of her head like Pippi Longstocking antennae. 

Her earliest tasks included sort of torturing some citizens who weren't thinking correctly. Bad guy City.

The Fearless Robot Leader spoke in a breathy voice that was more icky than menacing.

There was low, Jazzy music playing.  I hate Jazz.

These things added up pretty quickly to a character I didn't wish to play.

With so little time left in Open Beta  I think I need to get my Pink Pony Tailed Aurin  as far along as I can so I get a real feel for the game.

I'd like to see as much as the game has to offer, and I'm curious about housing, character development and whether there really is open world pvp, which would be a game breaker to say the least.

Before the open beta I did not look at anything about the game at all, I only saw the trailers which looked frenetic and unappealing.

I'm not finding the game to be frenetic at all.  The "cartoon" style which may be putting some people off doesn't feel that way in game.  I have had no graphic or audio issues though I could see in Zone Chat many people were having them.

The only other bizarro thing I would comment on is that apparently you only get more bag space a slot at a time and by leveling.  You can't give your low level character reasonable bags to adventure with, they won't be able to equip them.  In a subscription game that is beyond unacceptable, especially if you work on crafting.

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