Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wildstar: Level Up

I finally got to level 5 which I would have expected to hit much sooner.  I killed a boatload of things on the spacecraft and did a lot of quests and came out of there at level 3! Yoikes!

Down on the planet it is all very forest like and the game reminds me now of Guild Wars 2, the Sylvari and Asura areas.  I'm hoping to make my way out of the nature-y ecological theme of this forest into a more city scape feels-like-science-fiction-again area.

I'm enjoying filling in the map and getting progress points towards exploration.  There are also Explorer path quests which are challenging my brain.

There was an odd little timed Event where you were supposed to jump up and get six butterflies.  Not a fan.  Except, I had a lottery chance to win two bag slots!  Not two bags, nooo but two additional slots in my existing bag!  This boggles my mind.

Watching zone chat the beta testers seem young.  Open beta is a different animal but I can't think of anything where I got that impression before.

Someone also said you can't get a hearthstone type thing to easily return to your home base till level 8 or 9.  What would be the purpose of that?  Maybe I'm that far off from seeing a city agh.

Combat is easy peasy.  I can easily kill something a level above me, unlike in Everquest 2.

My character can jump, really jump and there are places in the environment to test her skills.  Really cool.

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