Saturday, August 1, 2015

Star Wars Galaxies: Paper Armor Crumples And You Die

I decided to try out my new Mabari Armor on level 42 Eopies, which I can usually handle with ease, unbuffed.  I like them because they don't pack up, they give decent xp and they give up a nice quantity of hide, bone or meat.

I'm glad I cloned on a previous hunting trip because Eopies laugh at pretty paper armor.

Off shopping I went.  I thought at first just to replace the chest piece with another bit of Ubese, but 80% kinetic for that ranged 48k-80k+     I don't have that rattling around in my pockets.  So, scroll, scroll through the bazaar and I found the maker of my original armor selling a chest piece at 73% for a mere 5k.  This is probably what my freebie set cost, so I know longer feel guilty for taking it.

Yay the seller was on Tatooine.  At a city called The Imperial Outpost.  The city is really well layed out.  I have not done a single Rebel mission, but the Rebellion burneth deep within my characters.  They're just that way.  Somehow, all of those AT-ST's made me feel as if I would suddenly be unmasked as The Enemy and a wild rain of fire would come my way.  Such a guilty little personality I have.

It didn't get better inside, because though well decorated, I felt like I was in a minefield.  I could hear Sean Connery saying "goose stepping morons..."  Gotta get over it, la la la.

Lord of the Rings Online: New Adventures in Middle Earth

I played my Hobbit Minstrel through the starter area last night.  I am amazed at how the area and its quests have been compressed to tell just the essence of your story in Middle Earth.

Amdir was always a favorite and tragic character.  I wished innumerable times that something could be done to save him from his fate.  In the new opening, he is not given much to do except get wounded and then be dragged away.

No spider encounters, except you have to kill four.  The rest are non-aggressive, and you can waltz past them.

Calder Cobb looms right away as a miscreant.  But here, he just sort of leers and threatens like some old villain, but you don't get any sense of him as a real bad guy.

Cal Sprigley's farm is completely quiet.

The big boar...can't think of his name, gone.

They moved the Bilberries!!!!  What?

Going into the bandits lair is simple, hardly any foes.

No bears!

In the old version of the opener, by the time you did the Fall of Archet instance, you knew the characters there, and cared about them, and it was a dramatic event.  It was also more challenging than this version.

I understand completely why starter areas get redone over and over, but, it's a shame in a game like this, which is like a living novel, to have story suffer.

I do not recall all of the ins and outs of Minstrel as a class, and will need to pay attention as she levels to what anthems and ballads etc do.

My Hobbit is safely in the Shire, and I am actually pleased to have a new beginning with the game.  I actually really enjoyed playing, and I shall be back.

Two Elves to get through Ered Luin and I'm ready for anything.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mini-Report From Middle Earth

Sheesh a 6 hour update.  I got in and checked all my characters.

Meneldor chat is all full of "Goodbye Meneldor!"  "Farewell, Meneldor!"  Some guy purporting to be from a "games organization" said he was going to try to interview staff to get the scoop on closures.

Gladden appears to know nothing of upcoming events, or is unconcerned, because they're 
all talking about classes and their strengths.  No "Goodbye Gladden" talk here!

As it turns out, I killed off any other scattered characters on other servers a year ago so it's all good, I think. I logged everyone on.  Three Gladden characters are still in the starter areas, I'll get them out before Monday so nothing untoward happens to them.

Off we go!

Blaugust: Game Blogger Tales from Many Realms Coming August 1st

Tales of the Aggronaut is sponsoring an opportunity for game bloggers to practice their craft every day during the month in August, with prizes (!!) and commendations for the hearty souls who manage to write about the games they love without stint for all of August.

He  (?) had 47 signups as of this morning. Almost 50 wondrous tales per day for those of us who like to read about the adventures of others.  Many of the blogs are on my blogroll now, and I'll get the rest on so I can enjoy the rousing tales, deep thoughts and pictures from lands familiar and unknown.  Onward!

(Note we'll be gone four days in August with iffy connectivity so I will enjoy this round and think about next year.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Next World of Warcraft Expansion To Be Revealed at Gamescon August 6, 2015

The Ancient Gaming Noob's post    on the World of Warcraft expansion announcement caught my eye this afternoon.  He also notes it comes on the heels of current subscriber numbers being announced, and has a poll for you to guess where the numbers will be.  I guessed 6 million, because that number seems to be where things settle after expansions and new content have been run through by most.

Blizzard recently dropped jaws saying there wouldn't be any new Draenor content, causing quite a bit of angst among certain fan segments.

Announcing the next expansion before the wails have had a chance to die down, that's pretty good!

I am not an apologist for Blizzard, and I don't think they need one.  Of all of the gaming companies out there, they have provided some of the best game experiences ever, and have been without (Cough cough CRZ)  any real dramas, and no betrayals of their customers.  Few can say that.

Flight in Draenor is, aside from CRZ, the biggest drama I can recall.  I am not rushing to send my characters aloft in Draenor, because it isn't important to me.  I have wished upon the Winged Wanters a next expansion that is all flight.  Everyone will be happy then, right.

This little video called Skies of Azeroth could be a sneak peek at just such a thing, right?  Skies of Azeroth would be an excellent name for an expansion.  Most excellent.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Crafting Game

Since I'm trying craft everything, I finally made two sets of Mabari Armor.  I'm pretty sure it has all the protection qualities of Saran Wrap, but you can make it in varying colors and it is sort of a pretty piece of work.

I tried to match my spouse's scale colors but didn't realize he is shaded rather blue.  I'll match him up better next time.  He is so cute.

The hat looks good on him, but not on my own character.  Everything looks good on a Trandoshan....

Hmm Black and Red might not be my colors, but it is a nice cosmetic replacement for my Gunman's Duster.

I like the semi-skirt.  Nice detailing.  Unlike my husband's character, the head piece makes me look like a goof who would steal lunchboxes.  So, hatless!

My Ubese chest piece given to me by TSC went by the wayside, finally, so I thought to make just that piece.  I couldn't resist doing the whole set once I started.   I have some good resources at hand, but no real skill (Novice Armorsmith, rofl) and not a single piece of metal with higher than 744 OQ.  One point to experiment with.  Busted doggie, but you just have to start somewhere or you never get anywhere.

My Dustbunnie is a Master Artisan, and I had some nice copper, so I looked in my old notebooks for the name of my briskly selling Live game fishing poles.  Voila, now available, Starlight EZCast Assassin,  a superior fishing pole. I also have all the bait you'll need.

As part of my long term goals to make and offer for sale everything my characters can make, I started doing some crates of Scout/Ranger Traps.  I "brand" everything "Starlight" because a brand is a good thing sometimes, and because it was what my last set of crafters used in Galaxies in their shops.  They live again in spirit and brand name.

I got to this one, The Starlight Stink Bomb and had an attack of the sillies and had to stop.  I also need more bone, even for small factory runs.

How I do love the crafting in this game.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Lord of the Rings Online Reveals World Transfers on August 3 2015

Thanks to MassivelyOP for the tip that Lord of the Rings Online will begin the process of Server Merges next week.

According to their page, they'll go from 29 servers to 10.   It looks as if they plan to have the process complete by January of 2016.  See their page for the many details of what can transfer.

Interestingly to me, if you need to transfer to another server and your name has been used there, if the other party hasn't logged in in a year, you get the name and they have a -1 next to theirs should they return.

I find this so exciting, and am hopeful for the game, since they're willing to make such a big move.  It has been needed for a long time.

It seems to me I killed off characters except on my main server, (except a couple on Brandywine) so I should have an easy time transferring if need be.

Very exciting!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Week in the Galaxy

Life continues apace in Emuland (I've always wanted to use that phrase).  My Alt-itis has never been so happy as it is here, working on the many variations of crafting, fighting and exploring available in Galaxies.

When I first played, I felt a need to "get back to where I was" when I left the game.  It isn't the same as being away from a game for awhile and you can just fire up your character. No. You must re-create them from scratch.  How easy it is to forget the time it takes to level, and the vast amount of materials for any crafting person is staggering.  Try working every craft profession in the game, and you drop to a snail's pace.

I do always try to work every craft available in games I play.  Creating fun and useful things for others in games is rewarding, just as it is in the real world. I can think of no game where you can make items for others which can be real game changers for them.  The potential quality of what you can make is a dizzying combination of Skill, Crafting Tools, Foods that will boost experimentation chances, and the ever rolling quality of Resources in the game world.

Novice Doctor

I'd rather be getting Medical XP by healing a person in the field, but I have to admit I'm grateful for the "Action Burners" in the Med Centers who wiggle and jiggle endlessly so you can get xp healing their Action Bar.  I managed to get Novice Doctor one evening this way.

I needed a break from it though, so I'm working to get the resources for Advanced Medicine Components.  These are very specific, such as Lokian Wild Wheat or Talusian Water.   In order to make decent ones, you need particular statistics.  You're at the mercy of resource spawns and the quality of the spawns though, so you just need to place harvesters on whatever is there so you can get started.  You need money to buy harvesters, power and more money to run them.

On a normal Galaxy, I would just buy some of the resources from other players.  On Basilisk, I find that resources are sold in large quantities and for loads of credits, say 100000 units for 300000, even with poor stats.  Anything used by a Doctor, Armorsmith or Weaponsmith seems to be priced particularly high, because players in those professions are all feelthy rich.  Not me!  Not anyone new or returning trying to get a start.

I'd like to move this character forward, because I'm finding even her crummy Stimpacks are useful to my other characters, and my husband's characters.  It seems that since Publish 7, there have been fewer Doctors available for buffs, and though I'll never be a Buffbot, I can surely step in and send people out better prepared for the dangers of the Galaxy.

Better meds, better doc.

Scripted Death Guild

I placed a Guild Hall near my Corellia Merchant Tent, and created a Guild Scripted Death.  It is pretty cute to see my dignified character Elsinor Dustbunnie with the word DEATH after her name.  Poor Dustbunnie.  I am not ready to recruit, since I haven't the masteries I'd like to be able to offer people, but I just wanted to snare the name, and I couldn't believe nobody had used Death as the five letter shortened Guild name for display.

I'm not planning to take over the Galaxy or anything, but I'd like to offer new and returning players a place to get started in the game.  Give them advice, training, some basics of their profession to get started.

As subtle background, I've been talking in GenChat, which is sometimes good, sometimes grotesque.  I'm reading the forums and trying to get a good sense of who is who, what cities and guilds are out there, who the good crafters are.

My longer term plan is to find a core of maybe five people who have the same goals and who can recruit and help players along.  Slow and steady wins the race.   I am The Tortoise.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fallout 3: Home Sweet Megaton

I easily disarmed the bomb this evening, and now have my own swank Post Apocalyptic Shack.

Just as in Oblivion, I can buy upgrades to make it look "really nice".  For now, I'm happy to have a place to drop off junk when the local store isn't open, and to just have a place to call my own.

I leveled up as well, and went ahead and put points into melee so I can whack all the more effectively.  I took the Black Widow Perk to more effectively bop the bad guys since I'm running into few women.

What does someone so newly powerful do?  They go back to the school and they look for the guys who were hiding out back.

I snuck around the building like a weasel, then I got here and just ran in, found em and whap whap!
With this new found bravery and Bat Power oozing out of every jet-packed pore (my husband will recognize that) I went in the lower doors in search of The Tunnels.

So It wasn't Rad Roaches in the tunnels.

Freaking Ants.

Luckily they weren't so big.

Let us descend.

You can kind of see one peeking in the first picture.  It turns out your intrepid explorer was too busy mindlessly whacking the ants, even after they were goners, to get good pics.  I did pick up some yummy Ant Meat which grants like five health. 

I'm ok now.  Next up, Super Duper Mart (I saw an announcement today Fallout 4 will have Super Duper Mart in it. Agh.) 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fallout Shelter: There's A New Sheriff In Town

As a surprise in a Lunchbox earned for my C+ efforts in the Vault, I got Lucas Simms!!!!  My buddy! His Luck is his only low rating, otherwise he is The Man.