Monday, April 9, 2018

New Out Of This Realm Podcasts

I've updated the Out of This Realm Podcasts list.  New podcasts just keep cropping up.

I particularly like The Starting Zone, about World of Warcraft.

Cane and Rinse   a team that talks about games they've decided to cover for the podcast, and everyone plays through it and has an opinion.

The AIAS Podcast  with in depth interviews with developers.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wow Dreaming

I've been playing waaay too much for a couple of weeks now, and it has gotten into my dreams.

So two characters who have a long history and might be lovers or might be enemies agree to meet in a big cave.  Thinking the current video with Anduin and Sylvanas got in my head.   I overhear their conversation, as you do in a game.  I decided/was compelled to go to the meeting place, hide, and see what occurs between them.

The female ports in not far from me.  The male comes riding in on a low rider motorcycle, down the precarious cave path.

They look like EQ2 Halflings once they're standing next to each other, though I would have thought one an elf and one a dwarf prior to this meeting.

Suddenly they begin talking and I see things are going to go south.  I need to get out of there quick before I'm discovered. 

In my purse!!!! is my toolbar of skills on little tabs of paper.   I look desperately for the Flight Master's whistle which will get me out of there fast.  Bonk!  There's a missing piece of paper right where it should be.   I have to use my Hearthstone instead which has a looong channel.  The fight nearby intensifies, I'm running out of time and one or the other will be over very soon to kill me!!!

Luckily I woke up.

The end

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Legion Dungeons in (My) Nutshell

Happiness is...questing while queued for dungeons.   Late in the game I've discovered I really like pretty much all of the Legion Dungeons.  A lot.   As soon as I bring up a character, I queue them right up.

I'm only missing Cathedral of Eternal Night, which my druid could get but never comes up as random.  Seat of the Triumvirate  which I'd need to slog further into Argus to get.

One morning, swilling my coffee, small summations of all the Legion dungeons popped into my head.  I wrote them down, or they'd be floating around in the brainless nether with all my other posts.  Not dungeon reviews, no, sort free association.   There are just a few screenshots, but I'm usually trying to keep moving and stay alive so, no time for picture taking.

Darkheart Thicket     What's with the keyhole???

Vault of the Wardens      F*$%@!^   elevators!

Eye of Azshara     Hate you, Serpentix

The Arcway    Time's up!

Blackrook Hold     Boulders!   Stairs!

Court of Stars    Kill the spy, please.

Halls of Valor     A Noble Thing.

Neltharion's Lair     Wheeee!!! Water Rides!!!

Upper Return to Karazhan      Alice in Wonderland in Space

Lower Return to Karazhan     A Night At The Opera

Maw of Souls    Quick and watery, yo ho.

Violet Hold     Trapped in a box and bored.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wow Atherne Ascending

Tonight I got Good Suramaritan and Loremaster of Legion with my Druid.   Just need Broken Isles Diplomat  (At Honored with everyone except the Wardens) and 50 more unique World Quests and see me and all my girls fly.  :)   :)

Last night I spent a lot of time on Argus.   My hope was to get some gear upgrades, but zero so far.  I have one story set to complete there.  The story line is appealing, and there are some puzzles, lots of variety.

My armor level is stuck at 883.  I'm just not finding better stuff than I have.  Tonight I did a few Heroic dungeons but they're 870.  Hmmpf.   I like the dungeons though, but must find another way.

Someone suggested LFR.   Hmmm.   I really have to take a look at those before I'd want to go in, but if it's the only way, in I go.

Time to drop down to some of my other characters.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thought I Was So Close....

I am a little obsessed for some reason getting Pathfinder for Legion.   I know it's doable, though a royal pain.   Still, every time I think I'm closing in on Good Suramaritan, I'm apparently nowhere near getting it.  It's a mirage!

Yesterday in sequence I did:

Court of Stars Dungeon     Not so bad as I feared, because the group knew where to go and what to do.  My job was not to get lost (which I did twice!!! agh, briefly, but I was all panicked), and to fight whatever the tank was fighting.

The Arcway Dungeon      Again a good group, no huge pull-the-rooms, the tank knew where to go, it seemed like a long slog of a dungeon but it went off without a hitch.   For me, it is much easier to do a dungeon for the first time if everyone else knows what to do and where to go, and that the tank doesn't pull the room, than what anyone's gear level is. You can work your way through anything with knowledge and skill, power alone will more likely result in everyone dying, and fast.

The Emerald Nightmare Raid    Xavius

My first raid experience ever.   I read about it and as usual there are all these unhelpful sorts saying it's EZ.   Implying you're a low life useless scum who should just do it, and if you can't, you reek.   Thanks, forum trollz.

It actually was simple.  You queue as you do for a dungeon, and then you're in a big room with a bunch of other people clustered in the dead center.

It looked from the raid list like there were two tanks and a billion DPS.   Around the outside are a bunch of imps. They attack, you fight them.

Then there are two more waves of larger demons which appear from the misty edges of the room.   Fight them.

Then Xavius pops out (didn't take a screenshot for some reason) and you fight him.  He seemed awfully easy.   Any mechanics were unnoticeable.

Once he's dead, you're popped out of the raid area and you turn in the quest and get the rewards.   

I thought it was interesting you could choose the particular section of the raid you needed so you didn't have to slog through the whole thing to get your quest completion.

I return to the Nightfallen base in  Meredil, thinking maybe this will be the end of these quests and I'll have good Suramaritan grr but no, I have a bunch of portals to open, then worse upon worse, I'm supposed to do some leisurely surveying in Suramar City.   Kill me now.

I had to step away and work on some World Quests, and look for some of the other Pathfinder objectives before I go back and work on those.

I'm working on the Broken Shore as well.  I thought it would be more like Tanaan or Timeless Isle but it doesn't feel like those at all, just kind of open and empty and boring. 

I did peek into Argus as well one day, and I liked it much more than Broken Shore, but I need to make more progress on the Isles first.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Level Up!

My plan to get one of each class to 110 before the next expansion proceeds nicely.   With the aid of the Burning Crusade Timewalking dungeons and random Legion dungeons,  I now have a Druid, a Paladin, a Rogue, a Fire Mage, a Warlock at 110.

My plan was to look at each and get their quest logs cleaned up, bring their Order Hall and Class Quests up to date, and work on their crafting quests.

Each would also finish all of the Broken Isles areas before going on to Suramar.   I want each to have Honored reputation with each also before moving on.

It occurred to me it would make things easier for everyone if I could get Pathfinder and flying, so I moved my Druid through Highmountain (her last area) in a record two days, then began working in Suramar.

My success powering through Highmountain led me to think I might be able to zoom through Suramar too.  Suramar is a different post, but, yow, that Good Sumaritan achievement is a monster.  I feel like I've been working in the area forever, and I have just two more parts :  A Growing Crisis and A Change of Seasons.   I need to go in The Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons and into the Emerald Nightmare Raid.   Dead stop.   I'm itching to move forward, but I looked at videos of Court and the Arcway.   Talk about nightmares.   They look nasty.   Just have to do them once, I'm telling myself.  Unless everyone dies or I get booted.  Yargh.

My Warlock who has Inscription and Herbalism is up next to complete the Broken Isles.  She got the spot because of her herbalism.  I try to keep the guild bank well stocked with health potions, but I've been using them up myself on my characters.

Following her is my Demon Hunter who has Herbalism and Mining.   I played the class so much in beta and she's level 104 on live.  I am having to re-learn her skills because I find she seems to be leaping uncontrollably all over the place.   Have to move those leaps off the first couple of skill slots on the toolbar.

I will mention only briefly my Monk who I boosted at some point to level 100 from like level 34.  Oh, man.  I really don't know how to play her.  She's staying safely in Draenor till she can be handled.   I sent her in the Love is in the Air dungeon one day trying every character who was eligible to try for the Love Rocket.  So embarrassing, she ended up against a wall, paws clutched into claws with her jaws all drawn back ferociously.  Attack that wall, ya!  I hope no one noticed.

My favorite classes are the ones I've gotten to one ten.   I also tend to love my Hunter, but on this server she lags way behind at level 73.   Working in the comparatively charming  (compared to Legion) of Northrend, I like to drop back to play her sometimes just to run about in an easier area with a choice of running either Wrath of the Lich King or Burning Crusade Dungeons.   Though after the Timewalking sets of each recently, I'm a little burned out on them.   The Timewalking ones were brutal.  Legion regular dungeons seem so easy after those.

The classes which aren't advancing but I will somehow move forward in my Master Plan:

Frost Death Knight  Level 96     Once a great character to play.  Really blah since Legion.  No oomph.   Then again, I used to run Blood DK while questing and switch to Frost for dungeons.

Arms Warrior  Level 93     I scooted her out of Pandaria too early.    I needed to boost her Engineering skills fast to get some Guild perk thingie so the quick and dirty  was to move her to Draenor.  She's not equipped for Draenor, so I need to work on getting her better armor before she sticks her snoot back out.

Priest  Level 82     My poor priest.  Always a Discipline Priest till you guessed it, Legion, I really have not liked Shadow Priest which has zero heals and no actual DPS that I ever see.   So in frustration I changed her back to Discipline in the last few weeks, where she has heals and can do some actual damage.  I don't have any confidence in her healing ability for dungeons though, so she'll swap to Shadow if she goes in.   She's my Jeweler, so I may boost her once I get the next expansion.

Hunter    Level 73     The only reason she isn't one of the 100s is because I have a main Hunter character on another server and she's secondary in this class so she sort of languishes.

Way at the bottom, an Enhancement Shaman Level 62    I really have trouble working with the Shaman class.   I also have an Elemental Shaman, also not moving along.

Regarding the Battle for Azeroth expansion, I will wait to order.  None of the Allied Races are remotely appealing.   I have plenty of characters to move up before September, some of them are really stinkers to play.  So. No time.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Post Count: Zero

Nice!  My plan to have eight posts a month to give me a decent 100 posts for the year has fallen by the wayside pretty quickly.  Tsk.

I have been playing World of Warcraft like a fiend, trying soooo hard to get Pathfinder for the Broken Isles.   Eat rocks, say the Broken Isles to my keen efforts.

I've been writing posts in my head, and have several roughed out.

I'll be writing those today and tomorrow.  Inching towards my monthly goal, writing the usual scintillating stuff.   Hang in there.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

An All New Plan, An Even Better Plan

I've spent many hours since Friday night in the Burning Crusade Timewalking Dungeons.  I now have a level 110 Paladin and a level 110 Fire Mage.

My Mage!  Somehow she is my second favorite character in all of WOW, despite the struggle of eons as a Frost Mage which played ok, then played awfully, over and over.  She's my girl!  She really held her own in those dungeons.  So proud of her.

I've always liked the Burning Crusade dungeons.  There were even many times in the past where any character who could tank ended up tanking because the tank poofed.  And it was fine.

I hate to say, but I think I liked them because they were straightforward and EZ.  Now, seriously, they're tough.  A single Warrior tank from all day yesterday was able to play the old pull-the-room way and we didn't all die.   Another single one did pull the room and everyone died.  He was gone pretty fast.  Every other tank pulled smaller groups.  Pulled groups into hallways.  Was mindful of the bosses.

I've been reading the forums this morning and there is lots of angst about the new difficulty.  Not enough xp. Takes longer to do the dungeon.  Don't feel like you're doing much damage anymore.

Personally, I'm just thrilled by the whole thing.  Dungeons that you could do in five minutes are now interesting.  You actually need to take out the healers and casters as soon as you can so they don't fear the smithereens out of everyone.  It's like the dungeons have been re-designed completely, yet they're completely familiar.  So cool.    (Note in the picture below, this is my Elf!!! Mage in the Black Morass below, somehow turned into a gnome with the most repulsive gnome hairdo available, agh.  Could not turn it off.)

Everyone in the group is working together.  This is what the experience should be.

When I run dungeons, I'm also always questing in between.  My experience bar is moving along fine.  I'm getting good armor rewards.  Lots of artifact upgrades in these Timewalking dungeons. 

My Rogue is currently up and I'm expecting her to get 110 by days end.

My new WOW plan is to get my Blackwater Raider characters all to 110 in preparation for the expansion.  After my Rogue, I have a 105 Warlock, then the rest are spread in the 80s and 90s with just the level 72 Hunter.  Doable!   I'm not looking forward to the slog parts ahead for the 110s, but for the two I got to 110 yesterday, it felt like a bunch of stuff opened up for them, with new cool uberness.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

World of Warcraft The New Patch

Level Scaling:    I didn't think I'd appreciate it through the entire world, but it's fine.   I'm going to be happy to not outlevel every area so fast, at all levels.

What I love is skipping the Cataclysm areas Hyjal, Vashj'ir and Deepholm.   I've been through Hyjal so many times because the other two are just painful.   I had one single character make it all the way through Vashj'ir and vowed never to send another.   I skipped a level 83 Priest and a level 80 Rogue straight to Pandaria.   Thank you thank you thank you Blizzard!

A Hunter at level 72 who was already in Northrend could choose between there and Outland.  They're both ok, but I've always run right past most of their content via dungeons.   The Great Thing here was that I could choose random dungeons for either Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King.   I love Burning Crusade dungeons.

That said, my level 83 Shadow Priest was in Throne of Tides last week and it was good, I felt like she contributed really well to the group.  Yesterday, the same character in Throne of Tides was with a group that wiped over and over.  She felt like she had no dps at all.

My Hunter today in Sethekk Halls was also in a recurringly dead group.    Then again, the tank pulled the whole room.  Over and over.

Bad luck, or have they been made tougher?  I'll run others of other classes and levels too, and we shall see.

Everquest 2 Goals for 2018

I'm currently subscribing, and one goal will be to play enough so that I know if a subscription is valuable for the way I play the game.

For as much as I've dabbled in the game over time, I feel like I know almost nothing.   This week I was in Qeynos, wondering why I couldn't find where some of the quests even were, ones I've been looking for for awhile, and I come upon a travel bell sort of thing that is specifically for travel within Qeynos.  

So with no indication at all I ever saw, I'm supposed to think that there is a portal to the areas where many of the beginning quests are.  And there's no other way to get to them.   I just can't think of a game where there are these "bottle areas". 

On the other hand, the game reminds me very much of Action/Adventure RPGs of the type I always loved.  Quests tell stories.  I appreciate that.  There's much to like that isn't offered anywhere else.  Great adventures await.