Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lord of The Rings Online: Where Upgrading Character Models Is An Upgrade

I have an Atheren Hunter character in Lord of the Rings Online.  She was created the day the game went live, but is still only level 14, so has clearly not gotten any play time.   Ha ha, the name is mine, though.

She was pretty clunky looking, sort of an awful blockhead I considered deleting now and then, but I didn't want to lose the name.

Blockhead Atheren

Updated Atheren


If you can imagine, because I got in so fast and early, I have a Captain named Kate, a bow to Captain Kate of Star Trek Voyager.   I don't know the class at all, and she's only level 7 and in Archet, so she'll need some work.

There's a level 8 Loremaster as well with a name I used in beta.

I feel like playing these characters right now instead of my Landroval characters with their overfull banks and inventories, and some with the awful -1 in front of their names because they had to move from Meneldor, where they also had their names on the very first day.  It bugs me every time I see them, truthfully.

These characters are established, yet shiny and new.  There are only three of them, chat in the server seems nice.   I think these will get some time in the spotlight for awhile.


Luckily I was prepared for the stat squishes, because WHOMP.   It is taking me quite awhile to go through and fix everyone's talents and toolbars.  Luckily I did have them all written down.

Once they're all done I'll take everyone out in the world to see how they fare.  For hilarity, I'll send everyone into a dungeon because you know it will be all chaos.   And a good test of how the classes now play in familiar dungeons.

I watched the opening clip, I am finally going to give Anduin a break.  He was such a selfish brat in Pandaria, and I couldn't believe they killed off Varian to let this boy be king.  He's got heart though.  His face during the opening sequence, when he goes to rez everyone, and in a speech he gives in Stormwind in another quest, where his voice catches as he says his father name...sniff.  Got your back, kid.

Speaking of whomps....

The new character faces are supposed to be soooo expressive and work soooo wonderfully, they won't let you have the old character models anymore.   Blah blah mesh, blah blah everything.

Only humans, gnomes and dwarves are horrifying.  Everyone else pretty much looks the same.   Dwarves get by with the least fugly.  I think that's how you spell that.

The Fairest Of Them All

I forgot that I hated my feral cat's Uncle Scar form so much, that for a long time in Legion I wouldn't play the character.  I switched to some lower level Druids to Balance  (where I also dislike the Moonkin form).

My second most powerful character is my Warlock.  She was also the the most beautiful. They may as well have wiped her from the game.  My husband said she looked like she'd fallen down an elevator shaft.  The problem is, she looks evil.  The beautiful shining heroine is gone from sight, replaced by, despite my best efforts, a witchy looking character.   Not all my characters are Warlocks, so the witchy thing doesn't apply. They're awful too.  I know my girl is in there somewhere.  I could start wearing her helmet all the time.   One of those nasty smoking helmets with horns, ya, that's pretty sweet.

390 gold to change her looks, by the way.  It should be free to try to fix your character, eep.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

My Blaugust Story

(Title stolen from Survivor's "My Ponderosa Story").   The blogosphere has really come alive in preparation for Blaugust, and I'm enjoying people's "Why I blog" stories.   Here's mine.

I'm pretty sure this will be my first Blaugust.  We're always off on ten day vacations in August in places with spotty Internet, so it hasn't worked out.  We finally decided it is way too hot everywhere in August, and my husband super can't take the heat, so we're traveling at other times.

This may be the fifth or sixth incarnation of my games blogs.  For some reason, I periodically just pop em', and poof they're gone.   Soon enough I start a new one.  I have three other blogs and the content I write here just doesn't fit in any of them.  For me, don't cross the streams, I say.

That doesn't mean what you think it means.  My blog won't rule Blaugust, hehe.

I have a post goal of 100 posts for the year, and in November/December I'm always trying to squeeze in a ton of posts to reach the goal.  Blaugust should put me on Easy Street for this blog.  This post puts me at 31 for the year!  Whoo hoo!  I got this.

I'll be using my weaselly November/December crunch time techniques to make sure I get the 31 August posts.   Look away now.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Wow Alt Addiction's Leveling Plans For Battle of Azeroth: Great Idea

Wow Alt Addiction posted his leveling plans for his many alts in the new expansion.   I'm not sure if he rotates between them or methodically runs each to max level one by one.

If you look at the two year time frame of most expansions, there is plenty of time to do it either way.  You don't want to be me and wait, Last Minute Louie fashion till a new expansion is announced, then you're amazed (!) at all the cool content added, and all the things you wish you had done as the expansion went along.

I am determined this time around to keep up with all of the content releases.  With all the characters who are eligible.  I know I can do it!

Here is my plan for leveling, and I will most likely go back and forth between characters, as I always do:

Demon Hunter
Death Knight

In Legion, I sent characters to start all over the Broken Isles map thinking it would keep things fresh.  I now think I should have just gone clockwise.  That's how I'm approaching Kul Tiras, everyone will go Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, Stormsong Valley.

Dread Patch 8.0, Battle For Azeroth Pre-Patch on July 17th

For the first time, I am wishing the Pre-Patch for the expansion wouldn't come till...later sometime.   That Stat Squish.  The Talent changes (argh!)

I'm eager for the expansion itself and am pretty tired of the Broken Isles.   Far more exciting adventures are ahead, that I know.

I've sent all my 110s through the Silithus quests to close off your Artifact Power (even though it does max it out, the dozens of Artifact Power Rewards just keep pouring in and you have to sell them off to a vendor).  Now useless.  In fact, when you'd get something worth fifty bazillion trillion in Artifact Power and your Artifact Experience Bar barely moved, it felt pretty useless anyway.

I wasn't going to send my newly 110 Demon Hunter to do those quests because I thought at iLevel 780 she wouldn't be able to do the quests at all.   But then I thought, what if she's really held back by not having that Power Maxed.

It took over an hour with some dungeon runs interspersed, creeping her iLevel up to 805!!! just to get the Mineral Drops from the little ratty creatures.  I could not do more than one at a time and used up a load of health potions just to kill each one.  Was able to skip the Guy in the Outhouse quest and the Silithid Brains Quest and still complete the Artifact sequence.  My Demon Hunter went from Artifact Power of 7, yes, 7, to 143.  Yo.

Further prep for Tues is still working on my Rogue's iLevel, and the Demon Hunter, who now stands a fighting chance.  Maybe.

I'm going to take screenshots of my current Talents and Rotations so I have a base for all the changes incoming.

Then I'm ready.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Triumphant Return of Blaugust

Just when you've been reading that things are awfully quiet in the blogosphere, a battlecry goes up from Belghast of Tales of The Aggronaut.    Check there for all of the exciting details!

In a nutshell, you write a post on your blog every day for the thirty one days of August.  It is easier than it sounds.  You'll get lots of ideas from the long time bloggers who have volunteered to be mentors for Blaugust.

Don't have a blog?  In a fiendishly exciting development, The Newbie Blogger Initiative is now part of Blaugust.  It's a great encouragement for you to create and get your blog started.  Some really great blogs started as part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  We'll all be reading and cheering you on.

Also included this year will be Developer Appreciation Week, something I always mean to write about but have not.   Now I can get credit  for my heartfelt post.

I really do appreciate the people who create the worlds I get to spend time in.

Check Belghast's blog for the information on the Discord channel for Blaugust.   Lots of your favorite game bloggers are there, it's a great opportunity to converse.

Note  I've added any blogs to my blogroll for those signed up or mentoring that I didn't have, I do love game blogs so I had most :)

Updated blog roll with new participants 7/13/18

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Little Hero That Could

In yet another bold move to get my characters to the Broken Isles I sent my Warrior at an undergeared level 98 through the introductory scenarios for the Broken Isles (getting a ring and weapon that moved her iLevel up a notch). 

Then off she went to do her Warrior scenario.  It went surprisingly well.  For the first time, an npc commented that she was smaller than expected, but by scenario's end she was being called "Little Hero."    I love gnomes.  Finally someone appreciates how those tiny little characters have big big hearts and heroic souls.

The Warrior Order Hall is called Skyhold, but, good grief, it's the Halls of Valor!  It even has Odyn sitting around in his big chair.

Then there's the Flight Master who sends you basically down a hole, and you come flying down out of the sky to land at Krasus' land with an earth shattering BOOM.   Why have I never noticed anyone flying down out of the sky there before?

So she's ilevel 629 after doing the introductory things, getting her artifact and knocking out an easy couple of Aszuna quests.   She had a much easier time than my Death Knight level 101 ilevel 653 doing the same series of things.  I don't see how that works.

Still, I dreamed about "the little hero" most of last night.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July Gaming Goals

I'm going to try Game Goals for July.   Modest goals to be sure!

Aywren Sojourner does them       and Justin Olivetti (must drink more coffee before close to writing Justin Bieber)  does them

World of Warcraft

On Black Water Raiders:

Gear up the Fabulous Seven in preparation for BFA.

Move Death Knight, Monk to level 110.

Get Shaman, Hunter, Warrior to level 100 and to the Broken Isles.

Tidy up quest logs.

Lord of The Rings Online

Try to work the Burglar all the way through the Lonelands, finally.

Do the unthinkable and buy bank space because, she is the also the cook, and all these tasty treats are filling her bags, that I'd like to just store away.

Get that poor Warden out of the starter area.

June Wow Notes

I spent much of June trying to raise item levels and finish class quests for The Fabulous Five (Druid, Rogue, Paladin, Fire Mage, Warlock).   (There are actually now seven 110s so Fabulous Seven...)

There was also a goal to get my Demon Hunter to 110 which I did, yay!  I mastered her tricky movements so she can go dungeoneering without wild whomping of unintended mobs.   Quite an accomplishment, really.  Now she's at ilevel 780 and will need to be geared up considerably in order to go to what I describe to my spouse as "The Promised Land" of Kul Tiras with the Fabulous Five.

My Discipline Priest is also needing a little gearing up, but she could go as she is.  Problematically, I just don't see her as an effective dungeon healer, not with me behind the wheel, so she's never going in any unless I switch her to Shadow for dungeon runs, something easier to do in BFA, but I just like her being the class she started as.   She did do dungeons in the old days, when she had a ton of heals and shields to work with.  My thought is, she can be valuable in Island Expeditions, and maybe the Warfronts for group activity.

My poor Windwalker Monk.  I boosted her a couple of years ago, and also have no clue, so she's been moldering in her Garrison.   Something made me attempt her Legion artifact quests.   Unbelievably, she made it through.  You can't imagine how hard and embarrassing it was for me to play.  There are all these bridges in one section and I kept using this cool sounding move (at first on purpose, then ack by accident) that sent me flying off those high bridges over and over.  Gawd.  Once at the bottom, I'm looking up and thinking how am I going to get back up there.

The artifact section itself reminded me of the Vortex Pinnacle.  The boss guy was a potato head, sending like five guys with adds to fight my poor Monk before finally engaging himself.   Cone of shame, people, but I beat all the guys using two skill moves.   No deaths.

One the plus side, I do like seeing the Order Halls for each class, and while I like the Paladin and Mage Halls, the Monk has a WHOLE VILLAGE.  Nice.

Warrior is the only Order Hall I haven't gotten to yet.   My Warrior!  I love her so much.  She is a terrible noodle.

(Insert Pause while I check a level 96 Arms Warrior on another server who is not getting slain slain slain....)

Argh!  So my level 96 Arms Warrior has an ilevel of 554.  BWR Warrior is level 98 and has crawled to 574.   Warrior #1 lives the life, no problems.  Sooo...completely different talents chosen for #1.   Switched The Noodle to same talents, and boom!  She has got this.  An incredible difference.  Son of a Blank.

Created on an all new server mirrors of my beta characters who were meant to be mirrors of my Blackwater Raider characters but took on a life of their own.  These are taking turns at play. First I got everyone to level 5, then they'll switch after each level for fun.

Killed off a few other characters and put a single character on a couple of other servers to see if I like the server and to test if a character really can make their way in the world all on their own.

Some days after beating my head against the wall of Legion and the Broken Shore etc etc, it is nice to fall back to simple sweet little characters with their whole virtual lives ahead of them.

Alunaria does an end of the month screenshot gallery which I admire, so here, we have June for my Wow characters, including a few beta shots, all without comment, but you can see it's been a busy month.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I May Be Punier Than You, But I Shouldn't Be Punier Than Me Feral Druid has been Puny-ized.   I know things will level out, but I'm able to pull packs of 6 or more easily on live and they're down.

On Beta, if I get two, I'm dead.  At level 114.  Which you expect to be better than 110.   I never crunch numbers, but even I had to look to see what the (blank) was happening in a casual fight.

Live Ath

Beta Ath

Depressing, but soldier on, little elf!